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E-Bike Rental

2 Hour Rentals: $45.00

VERMONT E-BIKE RENTALS! Looking to try an E-Bike for the first time? Just wanting to get a quick zip on the rail trail? Experience the power of Pedal Assist!

2-Hour E-Bike Rentals based on day of availability and can be booked directly online on the morning of the day you want to ride.

We are unable to pre book 2 hr. rentals in advance due to the popularity of our half day tours. 2-hr. Rentals are available day of only.To reserve your ride in advance or to book a 4-hr. or full day rental visit our TOURS page for more information.




Family Style Cargo E-Bike

Family Style Cargo E-Bike

2 Hour Rentals: $70.00

Every outing with your family is  an adventure! E-bikes will make it that much better! Connect generations of riders while you cruise along the trail all at the same pace!  Rent our family style electric CARGO BIKE and take your little ones on the ride with you!  These E-Bikes can hold two passengers each with harness seats removable and replaced with padded seats for kids 2 to 12 years of age.  Visit and picnic at any of the delightful playgrounds right on the trail! *Advance reservation is required for all cargo bike rentals. 


Regular Bike

Regular Bike Rental

2 Hour Rentals: $25.00

Full Day: $35.00

The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail is a great recreational resource and wonderful place to explore. If you want some more exercise or are just looking to try see the trail we have a selection of "regular" bikes available for rent by the 1/2 day and full day. We have lightweight, comfortable, performance oriented hybrid style bike with multiple gears that are great for cruising the rail trail!


Gravel Bike

Gravel Bike Rentals

2 Hour Rentals: $40.00

Full Day: $50.00

A gravel bike is light, sporty, and has drop handlebars like a road bike but with wide tires, low gearing and stable handline like a mountain bike. A gravel bike is designed to let you ride over many different surfaces making good progress on the road and also head off-road with confidence.

Riding a bike designed for a variety of terrain lets you link together gravel routes in new ways, opening up new rides with sections of paved road, dirt gravel roads, forest tracks, trails, and everything in between. You can also load up your gravel bike with a camping kit for a multi-day bike packing adventure. Come see what a gravel bike is all about and test ride one on the Rail Trail!


Fat Tire E-Bike

Winter Fat Tire E-Bike

2 Hour Rentals: $70.00

Enjoy the snow and winter in a whole new way! Our fat tire electric bike rides are an outdoor activity for skiers and non-skiers alike.